No, I'm not happy to see you

15 Apr 2014


((Oh lordy lmao. I apologize that this is bogus quality but it was done spur of the moment while I had some free time.

Final judgement:
Scylliss in Soraka’s outfit- Oh god nonono

Soraka in Scylliss’ - Could be worse rrrf))

… Hn.

20 Nov 2013


Mhhh? As a child? That was quite some time ago, mrhrhr…

Studious, naturally. Ever curious as I recall, with a fondness for building functional mechanical creatures and mixing chemicals… hrhrhr. One might say I didn’t change much as I matured.

What made me become a killer, you ask? Why, we can thank our hoofed blue-skinned Starchild for that, can’t we?

After all, before her emotional intervention, I was merely a scientist with a military commission. Mrhrhr.

[Edit: Human Warwick Design is, as always, credit to Madame Summoner Scylliss ]]


25 Sep 2013

Anonymous said: How did you and Singed become friends?




Mmrrh, I’ve known Singed since he was but a boy - my single most driven and talented apprentice to this day, so this…. question… requires more time than I have to answer in full.

Let us just say that he grew up under all the right influences, enough to be viewed as an equal rather than an underling.

It makes me wonder, if the student has anything to teach the master now that the master is unable to continue with his work.

Ohoho, you flatter me with just the suggestion, my dear.

But I’m sure I have a few new tricks that even this old dog hasn’t seen.

Do keep it to yourself, chemist.

12 Sep 2013

joako5627 said: Imagine there is a bus with all the other champions. Who would you sit next to?


Mmmrrhrh, Why Singed, of course. The only other tolerable Champion in the League.

But it would be imperative to sit behind Soraka so I might flick her overly large ears for the entire duration of the ride. Yes.

A man heralded as a genius in the alchemical arts and hextech engineering with impulses akin to a five year old boy.


12 Aug 2013


11 Aug 2013


In spite of the company that she keeps, the Summoner known as Scylliss is competent, respectful and skilled. While I would not go so far as to say that I trust her on a personal level, I have never had my skills used in an inappropriate way. That said, I do not resist the hand of a summoner simply for who they are or where they come from. On the fields of justice, we must do our best to set aside personal issues.

9 Aug 2013


Mrrrf. Frankly, that “new and improved” attempt to strike out my history as one of Zaun’s leading minds in hextech technology is nothing short of infuriating.

The Deathmaker will not be forgotten in the shadow of the Institute’s attempts to rewrite history.

I am not the only one they have done it to. You should ask the Starchild what she thinks of their making her out to be an even bigger imbecile. Grahahaha…


(If you haven’t, go visit the extremely talented Madame-S for more amazing artwork!)

No, you shouldn’t ask the Starchild what her opinion is of this travesty.

This may be the only thing we agree upon, mongrel.

1 Aug 2013

Dead, no. Simply too busy with other, more important matters than questions about the edible fruit of large, herbaceous flowering plants and goat jokes.

31 Jul 2013


[[In response to this.

Yi’s punnerific drunktalk is also courtesy of his writer. <3

Yes, it’s been a year and then some since askmaster-yi has asked me this. I AM SO SORRY. Tumblr does like to eat asks however and sometimes they pop back up. With over 300 in my inbox, this happens often :( ]]

24 Jul 2013

Do these look like GOAT EYES to you?!